Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Finally for Now

My photo but Keith Drury's work

Not Just People

trinadejoya: Corser respectfully bows his head during the invocation
and Toby chillin during the inaug

The First Pics In

These - more or less - were the first pics in yesterday. There is a link to all of them here.

But I've pulled them together in one.

The Boot

monkeymad2 from Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom sent a pic of a Size 10

Just Got Home

Addigator says: I just got home.


From spuget RT'd by unstresst PEACE OUT, BUSH.

This will be an example for Page Layout

Surely it was unintentional? Whether or not this is one for journalism schools in the future.

Thanks to pkgulati:

" A great an funny advertising by Veet the hair removal company - This wins the #byebush competition !! "